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Chrome 6 Neutralizer

Chrome 6 Neutralizer Chrome 6 Neutralizer

Chrome-6 CrV1 Chromium Neutraliser

At Eco-Point, we care about delivering products that are kind to the environment and safe for the user. Chrome-6 is a safe and effective Chromium 6 Neutralising agent, designed to remove potential hazards in manufacturing, particularly the metal and textiles industries, and CHP’s Combined Heat & Power Installations.

Chrome-6 is a biodegradable liquid neutralizer that transforms toxic chromium 6 into harmless chromium 3. This acid-based solution facilitates a reaction that significantly decreases the concentration of chromium 6 dust, simultaneously wetting it. This means the dust cannot be inhaled by machine operatives, thus preventing serious health dangers.

This product is designed to be used directly at the source of chromium 6 (CrV1) contamination, effectively mitigating its hazardous, and potentially life-threatening effects.