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Eco-Point Sustainability Goals

Eco-Point Sustainability Goals Eco-Point Sustainability Goals

About Eco-Point

Eco-Point develops and produces ecological and sustainable cleaning and maintenance solutions for industry. Our sustainable products are developed and designed to remove contamination effectively and safely, such as grease, limescale, glue, ink, rust and paint etc. All products are manufactured in our facility in The Netherlands.

What Is Adhesive Remover

What Is Adhesive Remover What Is Adhesive Remover

What is adhesive remover and what can the product be used for?

Adhesive and glue removers are products specifically designed to remove adhesive and glue residue from various surfaces including metal, plastic, wood, glass and floors. The products contain chemicals specifically selected to dissolve and remove glue and adhesive. 


Chrome-6-Neutralizer How to convert Chrome 6 into Chrome 3


In collaboration with two renowned manufacturers of combined heat and power installations (CHPs) and turbines, Eco-Point has developed Chrome-6-Neutralizer. A unique and revolutionary product that neutralizes the toxic CrVI (Chrome 6) and converts it into the harmless CrIII (Chrome 3). With this innovation, Eco-Point is taking a huge step towards neutralizing Chrome VI (Chrome 6).

By Nature, for life By Nature, for life

By Nature, for life

Eco-Point is setting new standards when it comes to cleaning solutions for a wide range of businesses and thus helps companies reduce their own environmental impacts.

It is now more important than ever for businesses to take action on every element of their environmental performance – and that is why companies such as Eco-Point are so important. ‘By nature, for life’ is the motto of Eco-Point

I Work Hazard Symbol Free

I Work Hazard Symbol Free Eco-Point Hazard Free Industrial Organic Maintenance And Cleaning Products

I work Hazard Symbol-Free

Products containing hazardous substances.

Products containing hazardous materials have hazard symbols and other warnings on their labels. The labels indicate the danger that could occur if the products are used incorrectly. This lets transporters and users know about the risks of the products. A substance may be irritating, corrosive, harmful to people and the environment, flammable or explosive. Some symbols may appear in combination on the same product.

What is hazard symbol-free?

Hazard symbol-free means that the product does not require any hazard indication symbol or warning and therefore no hazard symbol or label is required, and that the product is safe for humans and the environment.

A safe and eco friendly alternative to Acetone - Eco Acetone

A safe and eco friendly alternative to Acetone - Eco Acetone Eco Acetone - A safe and eco friendly substitute to Acetone

What is eco acetone?

When removing paints, lacquers or coatings; aggressive, highly volatile and environmentally harmful products are often used. These are often based on harmful substances such as acetone, methylene chloride, MEK, alcohol, ethyl acetate, thinner and toluene. Inhalation or ingestion may cause symptoms such as dizziness, drowsiness, eye irritation and respiratory tract irritation. Many of these substances are also major contributors to the occurrence of P.O.S. (psychoorganic syndrome). Due to the high vapour pressure of these volatile substances, acetone is classified as a VOC (Volatile Organic Compound).

Acetone - What is it

Acetone - What is it

Acetone - What is it

Acetone is a commonly used solvent, highly flammable and volatile. A volatile substance is a substance that evaporates quickly. Acetone is often used as an extraction agent due to its miscibility with water and oil. During extraction, some substances dissolve in a liquid and other substances do not. The method is based on the difference in solubility. In terms of smell, most users do not have pleasant associations with it.

Eco-Point Top 3 Products

Eco-Point Top 3 Products

Eco-Point's Top 3 Products 2023

An overview of the top 3 products of the past year. Your support has made these products true standouts.


How To Remove Graffiti

How To Remove Graffiti How To Remove Graffiti

Removing graffiti: this is how you go about it.

What exactly is graffiti?

Graffiti is often very colourful drawings or text expressions on walls, facades or objects. Graffiti is applied in different ways, but usually with spray cans. Often applied anonymously and unsolicited to make a statement. Unfortunately, this type of graffiti can cause permanent damage to the surface. But there is also graffiti that is very desirable. Think of street advertising and street art. Graffiti is therefore more than a few tags or illegal graffiti on trains, public buildings, and traffic signs. Some graffiti painters, commissioned, have given the image of graffiti a huge push.