In collaboration with two renowned manufacturers of combined heat and power installations (CHPs) and turbines, Eco-Point has developed Chrome-6-Neutralizer. A unique and revolutionary product that neutralizes the toxic CrVI (Chrome 6) and converts it into the harmless CrIII (Chrome 3). With this innovation, Eco-Point is taking a huge step towards neutralizing Chrome VI (Chrome 6).

The reason

Chrome 6 is found in paints and metals and is released when stainless steel/inox is overheated and CrIII is converted into CrVI and a yellow substance forms on the stainless-steel surface. It is precisely this hexavalent chromium that is toxic and carcinogenic when inhaled and therefore has a very high priority to clean or neutralize.

The solution

Chrome-VI Neutralizer converts harmful chrome-6 into harmless chrome-3 and can easily be removed afterwards. Because the acidic product reacts and the dust is simultaneously wetted, the concentration of chrome-6 dust is drastically reduced and prevents dust absorption into the air. Chrome-6-Neutralizer has been specially developed for work with CHPs, (gas) turbines, engines, or other generators. Chrome-6-Neutralizer has no hazard symbols and is biodegradable. A revolutionary solution to a major global problem.

In this way, Eco-Point makes the world safer, more sustainable and we further shape the green revolution.