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Environmentally Friendly Thinners

Environmentally Friendly Thinners

safe for you and the environment

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Environmentally Friendly Thinners

Thinners are aggressive, oil-based solvents used to dissolve other substances. Common volatile solvents like acetone, turpentine, and benzene evaporate easily and are highly flammable. Originally developed to remove contact adhesives, thinners are also used to clean or dilute lacquers, varnishes, and paints. They are effective for cleaning paint pumps, spray equipment, and spray parts, especially in spray booths. However, these traditional products consist of volatile solvents that pose health risks through skin contact, ingestion, and inhalation. Proper precautions, including protective clothing, gloves, and masks, are essential to minimize exposure. Poor ventilation can lead to dizziness, headaches, skin irritation, and long-term central nervous system damage, including Organic Psycho Syndrome (OPS).

Safe Thinners substitute

Safeco Fresh is an eco-friendly biodegradable alternative for removing epoxy primers, varnishes, and various paint systems. It has a mild odor, and is free from harmful solvents like acetone and toluene. Safeco Fresh is hazard symbol-free, biodegradable, and safe to use.

Safe Thinners

Eco-friendly Thinners

Safe Thinner substitute

Safeco Fresh is an eco-friendly biodegradable alternative to traditional Thinners. It has a mild odor and is free from harmful solvents like acetone and toluene. Safeco Fresh is hazard symbol-free, and safe to use.

Eco Friendly Thinners

Special benefits

Recycle IconFree from all hazard symbols

Recycle IconBiodegradable and aromatic-free

Recycle IconWorks quickly and effectively

Recycle IconContains no chlorinated hydrocarbons

Recycle IconSafe to use with a high flash point

Recycle IconA multi-functional product that can be used to replace Acetone

Recycle IconNon-corrosive or ozone-depleting 

Eco-friendly and safe Thinners - Eco-Point Safeco Fresh

Safeco Fresh replaces every other cleaning solution available on the market with a safe and biodegradable product that works. Traditional Thinners are often harmful and hazardous, containing volatile compounds that are often aromatic. These solvents have high evaporation rates which can become dangerous to inhale, leading to several health conditions while putting the environment in harm’s way.

Safeco Fresh is a safe alternative to Thinners. It is a powerful cleaner that also safely removes various contaminants such as adhesives, sealants, resin residues, bitumen, tar, paints, and inks. 

Sustainable solution

After intensive research, Eco-Point has succeeded in developing a biodegradable and safe product that efficiently replaces traditional Thinners. Using this product results in a cleaner, safer, and more enjoyable way to work and is a safe alternative to traditional Thinners.

Additional areas of application

Cleaning and degreasing parts, tools, and machines

A safe and environmental Actone replacement

Cleaning and removing adhesives, inks, paints, resins, tar, bitumen, sealants and latex etc.

Cleaning contaminated floors and machines

Removing plastics such as polyamides, polyimides, polyesters, polystyrene, polyurethane, etc.

Cleaning (2 component) glue equipment and tools


About Eco-point

At Eco-Point, the environment and your safety are at the heart of everything we do. All of our graffiti cleaner products are eco-friendly and safe to use.

Founded in 1991 with the mission of creating environmentally friendly cleaning and maintenance products, Eco-Point has grown from a two-person team in the Netherlands to a large, multi-national company. Where possible, we use renewable resources and ecologically responsible alternatives to traditional environmentally harmful raw materials. This is what sets us apart. Our products work, while protecting the environment.

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